Thursday, November 10, 2011

November 10- The Doomed And The Damned

November 10, 2011

Scripture Reading:
Ezekiel 21:1-22:31; Hebrews 10:1-17;
Psalm 108:1-13; Proverbs 27:12

~The Land Shark    Saturday Night Live

Ezekiel 21:1-22:31

Do you remember on Saturday Night Live the skit with the Land Shark?  It was hilarious.  In the skit an unsuspecting person would hear their doorbell ring.  With the famous Jaws music percolating in the background, Gilda Radner would get up to answer the door, but before answering she would ask who it was.  The voice would give a series of lame answers.  Finally, the voice would say, "Candygram."  Gilda would say, "Oh.  Okay."  She would then open the door and immediately be attacked and eaten by the land shark. 

In today's reading, Ezekiel is like the voice offering a telegram/candygram to the people of Jerusalem.  God is the land shark prepared to devour. Ezekiel is the Western Union boy for God and he has a piercing message.  God is fed up with the idolatry and murder.  He asks Ezekiel to groan in front of the people. So Ezekiel groans.  God is groaning over the Israelites with bitter anguish and a broken heart. This reminds me of Jesus weeping over Jerusalem in the New Testament.  He foresees her future destruction.

God asks Ezekiel to brandish a sword twice or more to symbolize the massacre that they are going to face. After this, Ezekiel is told to trace two routes on a map for the king of Babylon to follow.  One route leads to Ammon and the other leads to Jerusalem in Judah.  Ezekiel is to put a signpost in the fork of the road that leads to Jerusalem.  God predicts that the king and his men will decide to turn and destroy Jerusalem, rather than Rabbah, the capital of Ammon.   Even though Jerusalem has a treaty with Babylon, the leaders of Jerusalem have broken the treaty by making a secret alliance with Egypt.  Therefore, Nebuchadnezzar will attack Jerusalem in spite of their agreement.

God calls Jerusalem a city of murderers who are doomed and damned.  He calls it a city of idols that are filthy and foul. Their day of destruction has come.   As worthless slag or dross that comes off of the precious metal of silver when it is put through the fire, Jerusalem and her leaders are worthless.  God will put Jerusalem through the fires of punishment.  The furnace is her destiny. Because her leaders are like wolves who devour those they were appointed to protect, their punishment is nigh.  God looks for some one to stand in the gap of these whitewashed walls, but there is no hope.

Now, God intends to heap upon them the full penalty of their sins.

One day, those who have not trusted in Jesus will experience this type of wrath.  Today is the day of grace.  Have you encouraged others to repent and turn to God in this day?  Have you turned to God? 

Hebrews 10:1-17

The lesson about the law continues.  The old system of the law that Moses presented was designed to be a shadow of the things to come.  The sacrifices had to be repeated year after year.  No permanent solution for sin was available. Instead of cleansing people, the sacrifices were just a heavy reminder of sin.  Psalm 40:6-8 is the voice of Christ confirming that God did not want the blood of animals to solve the problem.  That is why God gave Christ a body to fulfill the perfect sacrifice and do God's will on earth.

Christ with these words was cancelling the first covenant and enacting the second covenant sealed in his blood.  After offering his one sacrifice to take care of all sins for all time, he sat down at the right hand of God to await the day when all of his enemies would be conquered under his feet. This is Jesus' position today.  He is waiting. He intercedes for us as he waits.

In the new covenant the law is written on the hearts and minds of those who love God.  Christ's work on the cross causes God to remember our sins no more.  Praise God!!

Do you understand Christ's role as our great High Priest? Could you explain it to a friend?

Psalm 108:1-13

My heart is confident in You, O God.  Can you say this? 

Proverbs 27:12

Prudence causes one to take precaution because of forethought.  Prudence is a good thing.

What would you like to discuss today?


Jubilee Gal
Kathy Fullerton

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